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Be like children of the light for the effects of the light are seen in complete goodness and right living and truth.

Ephesians 5:9-10










Early Childhood Education


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Saint Anselm Early Childhood Education Program is a caring, stimulating, safe setting suited to three, four, and five year old children in guiding them in their social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical development by learning through play. As the first link between families and schooling, Saint Anselm Early Childhood Education Program strives to develop the autonomy of the preschooler in a Christian, developmentally appropriate environment.

The first years of life are of vital importance to a child’s growth and
development. Foundations are laid which influence the ability of a child to
accept himself or herself, relate to others, and respond positively to the
environment. While family relationships provide a young child with the best
models for developing attitudes, values, and appropriate behavior, interactions
with other adults and children are extremely important and promote ways for a
child to relate to the world around him or her.

Early childhood education provides the transition from home to a school
atmosphere. Educational research indicates that these early years are crucial
for learning and, in fact, form the basis for all future learning.

Saint Anselm Early Childhood Education Program strives to provide a creative
learning environment for the young child. Interaction with other children and
adults in an atmosphere of Christian love and concern promotes the healthy
development of the child. In partnership with Saint Anselm Parish and community,
and the family, we provide a Catholic Christian education through which gospel
values are presented, lived, and fostered.

Children will be provided with opportunities to investigate and explore their
world creatively in a hands-on environment. Children are unique individuals who
are eager to learn and we value their differences, needs, learning styles,
experience, and interests. Extensive research has shown that children learn
through active involvement and play, constructing, demonstrating and
representing their knowledge in a wide variety of ways. The social component
of learning stresses the importance of interactions, cooperation and
collaboration. We recognize that learning opportunities must be age and
individually appropriate.